Intelligent dialogue is coming to a device near you. The age of conversing with machines has arrived...

Cognition was acquired by Nuance Communications in July 2013.

We have learned to adapt to our devices. 

Shouldn't it be the other way around?

We are a team of pioneering technologists applying computational linguistics, formal semantics and machine learning to bring you intelligent dialogue with machines.



Waves of change have ushered in new interfaces for computers and digital devices. From the keyboard to the mouse, from touch to voice, this evolution has enabled us to communicate with machines in increasingly intuitive ways. The holy grail of interfaces is natural language and intelligent dialogue.


Cognition holds the key to intelligent dialogue that will enable users to communicate with a device as though they were talking to another person. With Cognition you will converse naturally and intelligently with your TV about what to watch next, and converse with your microwave to figure out how to cook dinner..